Could Your Nails Use Some TLC?

Visit our nail salon in Williamsville, and Amherst, NY

If you and your squad are looking for a place to get manicures in the Williamsville, Amherst, Buffalo, NY area, book an appointment at Montage West Salon and Spa. Our stylists can create any nail design you want. We'll help you pick a color and design that suits your style.

Explore a world of nail design options at our nail salon in Williamsville, and Amherst, NY. Call 716-835-2061 now to book an appointment.

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Hair Salon & Nail Salon in Williamsville, and Amherst, NY

Dazzle your friends with beautiful, elegant nails

We do all kinds of manicures and pedicures at our nail salon. Visit us today for:

  • Spa manicure hand treatments
  • 14-day manicure treatments (Get Shellacked)
  • Spa and deluxe pedicures
  • Mini pedicures
  • French manicures
  • Polish changes


You’ll be showing off your nails to everyone you meet once you leave Montage West Salon and Spa. Get in touch with us today to speak with one of our nail artists.

Would you like a new hairstyle to go with your fabulous nails? Call Montage Hair Design at 716-633-7113 today to book an appointment.


Menu - Hand and Nail Services


Let us pamper you with any of our fabulous nail treatments!

Montage Manicure $ 20
- Our Signature Manicure!

Spa Manicure Hand Treatment $ 30
A hand treatment is perfect for someone who has dry, cracked hands or brittle nails.,We use essential oils and paraffin wax to hydrate and soften the skin. It's the perfect treat for your hands!

Get Shellacked (14 Day Manicure)
Shellac is UV-cured so there's no drying time. It's thin and flexible like polish, so it not only looks natural but it provides strong natural nail protection. Goes on like polish, wears like gel and comes off in minutes after 14 days. Zero drying time!

French Manicure $ 25


Montage Spa Pedicure $ 44
Our signature pedicure.,After soaking in our whirlpool, a mineral clay masque is applied to your lower legs and feet, followed by a relaxing foot massage and polish. (60 minutes)

Montage Deluxe Pedicure $ 55
Treat yourself to a therapeutic soak in our whirlpool followed by a soothing scrub with warm oils, deep massage and a hot paraffin foot treatment. (75 minutes)

Mini Pedicure $ 25
(30 minutes)

Polish Change

Hands $ 8

Feet $ 14

French $ 12